Our Awning Cleaning Process

   Your awnings need to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent pollutants from becoming embedded into the surface of the fabric which causes premature material failure. Also, the longer the residues remain in contact with the surface, the greater the chance that stains will become permanent. Deposits of auto exhaust, air pollution, industrial fallout, mold, mildew, fungus, bird droppings and environmental dirt allowed to remain in contact for extended periods of time will cause deterioration of the threads thus breaking down the seams and bindings, shortening the life of your awnings. Keeping awnings properly maintained not only protects your awning investment but has the added benefit of attractive, clean awnings. -
Its not just an awning, its your Image!

   We use a low pressure, hand washing method with a mild soap that is especially designed for cleaning awning fabric and is 100% safe for all awning material and is biodegradable.

   We have been cleaning since 1984 and have literally cleaned millions of square feet of industrial fabric.

   Our cleaning process is the recommended method of many awning fabric manufacturers, such as Sunbrella, 3M, Cooley, etc. to keep your awnings looking young and vibrant years longer.

   We offer an Awning Maintenance Service Agreement for Quarterly Cleaning, SemiAnnual Cleaning, Annual Cleaning or On Call/One-Time Cleaning.

   The Quarterly Cleaning offers 20% discount off our Annual/One-Time Cleaning price. Includes cleaning of your awnings every three months and cleaning the interior part of awning and/or egg crate where applicable.

   The Semi-Annual Cleaning offers 10% discount off our Annual/One-Time Cleaning price. Includes cleaning of your awning every six months.

   If you have any questions or comments about our company or cleaning methods please feel free to call us at
(817) 577-9454.
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