Do’s and Don’ts on awning care:

The life and good looks of your awnings depends a great deal on the way you use them and how you care for them. - Even the most durable materials require a certain amount of care, and fabric awnings are no exception.

With only a small amount of attention, your awnings will remain bright and serviceable. The following do's and don'ts are presented to help you in the proper care of your awning. The life and beauty of an awning can be preserved by following these suggestions and general tips. Depending on the awning some tips may not apply.


Do keep the awning clean. This is the best protection against mildew. Even on mildew resistant fabric, mildew can grow on accumulated dirt of foreign materials which remain on the top or bottom surface and eventually damage or stain the fabric. (Important in keeping your awning fabric warranty valid!)

Do wash down your awnings regularly and brush lightly with a cloth or soft brush. Use Awning Cleaning Solutions or a mild soap such as Ivory Snow Flakes, but rinse thoroughly and immediately.

Do hose your awning with clean water every month or so. We recommend that you do this on a warm, sunny day.

Do keep the underside of your awnings clean by simply brushing with a clean household broom.

Do keep shrubbery, branches and vines away from the awnings, as many bushes contain an acid which can be harmful to your awnings.

Do check the condition of awning frames. Rust is not likely to form, but if it does it might cause deterioration or stains of the fabric.

Do inquire about having your awnings professionally cleaned on a regular basis by Specialized Maintenance & Awning Cleaning Services - 817-577-9454


Do not fold or roll the awning in cold temperature.

Do not drag your awning across any abrasive surfaces, such as cement, asphalt, or the awning frame.

Do not get insect spray on the fabric, as some solutions may impair the water repellency of the fabric and cause staining.

Do not allow water to stand on the awnings, causing pocketing and possible stretching.

Do not overlook small rips or tears. If a sharp object punctures the fabric, it should be repaired.

Do not wash your awnings with harsh or strong solution, or scrub too vigorously with an abrasive cleaner.

Do not force or yank your awnings when raising or lowering them. Do it gradually.

Do not cook food or have fires beneath or around the awning.

Do not store awnings when damp or wet. Mildew is a fabric's greatest foe and is caused by dampness. Mildew may grow on the surface of a damp awning and permanently stain the fabric.

Do not permit leaves, twigs, dirt, etc. to remain on your awnings as they might cause staining of the fabric.

Do not leave retractable awnings unattended due to the risk of damage from wind or rain, unless fully automated. Remember even automation has it's limits in extreme/sudden weather conditions.
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