Frequently Asked Questions
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Copyright Awning Cleaning Service 2007 - Awning Cleaning Services cleans and repairs most types of awnings - canvas awnings, vinyl awnings, backlit awnings, and canopies.
Proudly Serving Texas Since 1984 - Commercial Awning Cleaning, Residential Awning Cleaning, Awning, Canopy, - Canvas, Vinyl, Backlit & Awning Signs
Specialized Maintenance & Awning Cleaning Services, P.O. Box 821953, Fort Worth, TX 76182-1953, (817) 577-9454
Q: Can having my awnings clean extent their life?

A: Yes, cleaning your awnings properly can extent their life and clean awnings makes your business or home look more appealing.

Q: Can you clean all awnings hanging out there?

A: No, some awnings are uncleanable because the fabric is just too old, rotted or dried out to withstand cleaning. Only a trained Awning Cleaning professional can determine the cleanability of awning fabrics.

Q: Is it expensive to have my awnings cleaned?

A: Having your awnings cleaned cost considerably less than replacing them with new awnings. (We are always happy to give you a free estimate so you know the price before we begin.)

Q: How experienced are you at cleaning and maintaining awnings?

A: We have been in the cleaning business since 1984 and have literally cleaned millions and millions of square feet of industrial fabric throughout the country. Also we are the top training company in the USA to help others learn how to start their own Awning Cleaning Business. We have trained over 450 people all over the country and the world.